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Abalone Shell Paper,Abalone Shell Veneer

Abalone Shell Paper,Abalone Shell Veneer
Product name:Abalone Shell Paper,Abalone Shell Veneer
 Paua Shell paper,Abalone Shell paper,Abalone shell sheet,shell sheet,shell nail art,shell arts,shell decorative art, abalone Shell veneer,paua Shell veneer,Shell wall paper.
Name:  Abalone shell paper, Abalone Shell Sheet, paua  Shell Veneer; 
Model No
: SSPV-002                       Grade: AAA
1. Raw material:  Abalone shell or Paua Shell;
2. Sheet Size: 240*140mm; (Till now, this is the biggest sheet size. If you want the sheet size is much smaller, we can cut for you.)   
3. Thickness: 0.2-0.4mm;                    Color: Abalone Shell or paua orignal color(As the photo)
4. Usage:
All kinds  jewelry Box inlay tiles or Shell arts; Most of them are used as jewelry or gift box  inlay  material, and they also called Shell nail art, because of their thickness;
6.Shell paper cutting way: laser cut;
5. MOQ: 100 PCS;
7. Packing: soft material +carton paper firmed or thick PVC Board +carton;
8. Payment:
   T/T or Western Union;

Note: All of our Shell paper are very easy for breaking, just like the cookie or potato chips. So when you are doing the shipping, please be careful. And all the shell paper have to cut by the laser. Common machine will destory its sureface.

Dear clients, because the abalone shell paper have degree.So when you are choosing the shell paper, you would better give us the which kind of degree do you want. AAA,AA, OR A. In general,we only sell the best quality or AAA shell paper.

Need more question, please send to our service E-mail: or  for more information or call 0086-13397042693. We will try our best to reply you in 48 hours.

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