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About Us

Solar shell decorative material Co., Ltd ,based in Hong Kong,is a professional mother of pearl shell mosaic & tiles exporting company,we deal in integrating,designing, producing, processing and marketing of all kinds of mother of pearl mosaic,mother of pearl tiles,shell mosaic,abalone shell paper and other shell products.

Our company products includes all kinds of raw freshwater shell (2000 tons stock each year,exporting 500 tons each year),shell mosaic,shell tiles,shell decorative panel,shell sheets,shell paper,mother of pearl mosaic,mother of pearl tiles,shell arts and crafts.

Our products are mainly exported to US, France, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Hong Kong and other East Asia countries,through all of our group effort.

In all of the products,shell mosaic and mother of pearl tiles are widely used in wall decoration of hotels, villas, bars, office house, furniture, company halls, recreation sports,backsplash, exclusive clubs and households (e.g. walls, ceilings, columns, domes, backgrounds, lavatory, swimming pools and garden landscape).
All of our products are made up of 100% natural shell. It does not contain any chemical additives. Raw sea shell selection from around the world (such as white lip, yellow lip, black lip, abalone, pink shell), our unique shell mosaic quality of the materials is different from other traditional industries of mosaic and tiles.

Our shell product features:

1.Refect the color: when the lights shine on the mosaic surface it reflects various color from different angles giving it a rainbow look;
2. Green building material: purely natural shell;
3. Natural shell color: like white, black, yellow, blue, pink, grey, brown.
4. Totally animal Raw material: Lasts the shape, color, not moldy and easy cleaning. They even can last the luster more than 100years.
5. Our products are symbol of pride,honour,wealth,noble, elegant and luxurious style of living;
Our shell mosaic & other products are free of radiation and pollution, purely natural, color-fastening, non-discoloring, water proof and fireproof and meets the friendly enviornment which are requirements of modern decoration, our shell mosaic sell around the globe.
Because we provide good products, reasonable price, fast sample & mass product delivery time, pay attention on the follow-up services very much,which brings us the good feedback from our customers.

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Solar shell group will take good care of you all the time!