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How to judge the raw freshwater shell and raw river shell quality

Author:Sola Date:11/22/2010 6:51:23 PM

Now more and more raw freshwater shell and raw river shell are widely used for processed as pearl nucleus,shell buttons,shell arts,shell handicrafts,shell mosaic and tiles.

Except their most cheap price, their still having the own reasons.
But how to judge the raw freshwater shell and raw shell quality, i guess there still having many problems when the importor or the distributor buying the raw shell.
There have three factors for judging shell quality:
1. The length;
The first year raw small freshwater shell length only have 6-7mm, and each year they can grow 1-2cm. That's up to the water quality whether they are suitable for keeping the shell or not.  So For the best raw shell, their totall length should get at least 15 cm and their shell lips thickness should get 4.5-5mm.
Till now, only two country are suitable for keeping the raw freshwater shell(three triangle freshwater shell ),one is china . But even in the same country, the shell quality are still different.
Tai lake in zhejiang,Pohu LAKE in jiangxi and Dong Ting lake in Hunan Provice are the biggest raw freshwater harvest area.  But Only Dong ting lake shell are the best,because of their water quality
2. The whiteness of the shell;
The bad quality raw freshwater shell, having many many dapple color inside the shell.But in general, the dapple color are useness.
In china, only the Doing ting shell can meets the requirement. Their white part can get 3/5 , but other shell only can get 1/5-1/6 or even less.
So when you bought the raw shell from china, i guess that the Dong Ting lake are the best;
3. The shell lips thickness;
For this, we don't have any clear information, you can check them by your usage:
Shell mosaic ,shell tiles, shell button: choose the 4mm shell lip thickness raw shell;
Pearl nuclues: 5-6mm, this shell growing should be growing at least more than five years in the water;
Dear clients , in this news, all the judgement are only for the raw freshwater shell, also called triangle freshwater shell. If you can't understand what is it
,please go to our then click left side" raw freshwater shell ", then you can understand.
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