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why the mother of pearl shell mosaic and shell tiles are popular

Author:sola wong Date:10/20/2010 8:56:19 AM

Everyone will have a room, a good room!
Because this is basic condition for living. But one room is not a simple room, is should comfortable,model and charming. 
But what is the best is material for display all the thing? 
Now more and more designers are confused now. Because they almost used all the material in designing, But they still feel missing 
They may have the following problem:
1. No new material for designing;
2. Can find the good material for display the beauty of their artworks;
3. Common material can't meet the top class clients taste;
4.Traditional mosaic and tiles material color and shiny are too shiny or too dull;
Is there any way can slove all the problems.
But mother of pearl shell mosaic and tiles can. Because they have the following features, that make leave other traditional mosaic
and tiles behind.
1. When the lights shine on the mosaic surface it reflects various color from different angles giving it a rainbow look ;
2. Green building material: purely natural shell;
3. Natural shell color, like white, black, yellow, blue, pink, grey, brown.
4. Totally animal Raw material, Last's the shape, color ,not moldy and easy cleaning. They even can last the luster more
than 100years.
5. Our products are symbol of pride,honour,wealth,noble, elegant and luxurious style of living;
I guess that you already understand why they become so much popular. They have so many features, of course they can
become so popular.
If you need more information,please contact me: 
Sola wong;
And we can talk about all the thing in details.