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which country raw freshwater shell is the best

Author: Date:11/22/2010 3:28:56 AM
As the shell line developing , the raw shell already popular used as the shell button,pearl nucleus and shell mosaic and shell tiles.
How much do you know about that?
How to judge what is the best quality raw freshwater shell?- From the shell totall whiteness,length and shell lips thickness.
But which country's shell are  best in quality for making the shell arts?
The answer is chinese raw freshwater shell and river shell.
1. The best whiteness  and shiny...
The whiteness and the shiny are the best in all of the freshwater in the world.
All the shell are come from three famous freshwater lakes in china. 
1). Tai Lake in Zhejiang, but the lake area is too small;
2). PoYang Lake(the second biggest freshwater lake in china) in jiangxi provice, beause of the water quality, so the shell whiteness and thickness is so so. But anyway, they are in super quality than other raw freshwater shell in other country.
3). Doting Lake(The biggest freshwater lake in china) in HuNan Provice, they are the best raw freshwater shell in the world. And there is also the best place for keeping the shell. Whatever the thickness, or the whiteness(only have a little dapple color,even no dapple color.).
2. Super in length and thinkness:
Raw freshwater shell: 
Shell length:11-19cm;   Shell lips thickness: 4-5 mm,growing years: 4-5 years;
Raw river shell:
This is one kind of shell which we fish from the lake.
Shell length: 20-40mm; shell lips thickness: 8-10mm,totoall natural. Growing years: at least 12 years.
All of our raw freshwater shell are fished from the Doting lake, because our CEO home town is near DoTing lake, That's the reason that we can supply the best quality raw freshwater shell.

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