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How to install mother of pearl tiles

Author:solawong Date:11/12/2010 5:24:59 AM
This is our direction about "How to install the mother of pearl shell tiles or how to install mother of pearl panel  or how to install shell tiles?"
As we see,mother of pearl tiles also can called as mother of pearl panel ,shell tiles or shell panel.  Whatever what they are calling,they are the same products,just the keywords are different .

Many new client worried very much how to install those shell tiles,because those tiles are common products for 90% common person. In fact,you needn't worry about them very much.

For the name you can see "mother of pearl tiles",so they are installing way are 100% the same as the common tiles,just need to care about some details is ok.

The installing way is:
1.Using AB adhesive or all purpose adhesive,apply even coat of adhesive to the panel and wall;
2. Wait for 5 to 8 mins,then press it carefully to the wall;
3. Of course, immediately wipe off the excess adhesive with a soft wet cloth,and dry with a clean soft cloth;
Step 3 is very important and different with other common tiles; Because shell tiles surface is very easy scratched if you are clean their surface after drying. Just take care this point is ok!
Then,the mother of pearl of shell tiles installation is finished.

Protection and Cleaning
1. Please wipe the surface with charpie to reduce the nick;
2. Please clean the surface with neutral detergent;
3. Please wax shell mosaic surface regular time;

Please Attention
1.Do not irradiate the surface with 100W above light.
2. The detergent should be faintly acid,because the content of shell mosaic are CaCO3;
3.Would better use tham soft cloth clean the surface,and wax them regular time for keeping the shiny.  
Something need to know:
In general,mother of pearl shell mosaic and tiles used the MDF,Marble,Ceramic,platerboard,acrylic and meantal as the backing material. So if your mother of pearl tiles backing material is MDF board,you can not use them in the wet area.

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