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How to install mother of pearl mosaic

Author:solawong Date:12/6/2011 5:00:16 AM
Many client ask me about the same question,that is how to make the shell mosaic or mother of pearl mosaic's shiny when they 
are installing the shell mosaic. Or why their shell mosaic are becoming dull after installing.
 In fact,they miss some simple but important details. 

Just follow these 8 steps,everything will become very easy:

For making it much easier,we make one installing processing photo for reference,pls check each step as the follow photo. 

1.We suggest choosing the special agglomerant and building sealant(We suggest to use tiny granule glue or white grout).
2.After clean the area where you are going to install, stick 2-3mm thickness agglomerant. Using the trowel for making the
agglomerant’s surface flat.
3.Make the wave strip through the tooth trowel;
4.When you are installing, you should make sure the sheets distance the same as the chips distance(chip to chip distance=2mm);
5.Press the shell mosaic surface lightly. Make sure all the chips gaps covering the same agglomerant. But should make sure the
agglomerant will be not out of the gaps;
6.Wait for 20 hours,when the mosaic agglomerant totall dry, then use the building sealant filled with the mosaic chip’s space 
with the sponge trowel. Note: Please use the sponge trowel, others will damage the mosaic surface.
7.Wait for half hour(For tiny granule glue 20 minutes is okay). When the building sealant is half dry, use the high quality 
sponge put the clean water inside the 1-2mm thickness gaps. This step is most important, don’t wait for them totally dry,or you 
will hurt the shell mosaic surface when you are doing the cleaning. Because our shell mosaic surface is very easy scratched. All 
the shell mosaic shiny because of its shell mosaic surface.If you are not clean them probely,they will look like very dull. In 
another word,all the shell mosaic's surface shiny will be gone.
8.Then use the dry and clean towel to clean the mosaic surface is ok.
Note: All the most impoourtant detail,I have marked in red color. You just take care these,then I am sure that your mosaic will 
be very shiny after installing.

Protection and Cleaning
1. Please wipe the surface with charpie to reduce the nick;
2. Please clean the surface with neutral detergent;
3. Please wax shell mosaic surface regular time;
Please Attention
1.Do not irradiate the surface with 100W above light.
2. The detergent should be faintly acid,because the content of shell mosaic are CaCO3;
3.Would better use tham soft cloth clean the surface,and wax them regular time for keeping the shiny.  
Of course,If you want to them much shiny,you can try to wax them. If you have done the prefect project,don't forget show 
your project photo to us for reference...:) !

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