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How to cut flexiable abalone shell paper/shell laminate/shell sheet

Author: Date:4/11/2012 7:47:43 AM
This kind of flexiable shell paper or shell laminate are the lastest product out from our factory! 
Because their backing material is 3M glue,usage liking the sticker,so they are in easy cutting. And its cutting way is following:
1.Use craft stanley knife or very sharp scissors
2.high speed fine edge blade saw eg router , diamond blade
3.Laser cutting , very precise, detailed designs logos, inlay work
Cutting position:
cut from shell side (top) down to backing material

Dear client,even our flexiable is very easy for cutting. But this is also only for some simple circle and shapes. If your shape is irregular or the shell paper pattern is very difficult,pls use the laser cutting directly.

The following is some feedback from our client!

1.(Simon)We tried cutting them with our knife plotter that we use for vinyl and other materials.  It was okay for cutting circles, but when we tried to do a more intricate logo the surface just crumbled.  I see now that the surface has many very small cracks in and this is how it is flexible.

Hoping all of these can give you some helping!